The Putniks Projekt

The Projekt

The Putniks is a satirical response that ridicules and exposes the image of the tyrant using crypto-activism to speak up against the unfair and ruthless threat on Ukraine’s freedom.

This is just the first drop of a larger family of NFT’s that aim to expose criminal authoritarian government leaders and their friends. Become part of our rebel tribe and contribute to this cause. You can start by joining the conversation on our Twitter and Discord.



Minting will be free for all whitelisted addresses. Non whitelisted adresses will be offered the public sale tokens in an auction.

[3500] Whitelist Spots & [6777] Puts Supply.
[2333] Puts offered in Public Sale.

We are reserving [10%] of the Put supply.


Each PUT is unique and generated from over [208] possible traits, including headgear, face expression, clothing, etc. All PUTs are evil, but some more evil than others.

The PUTs are stored as [ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS]. (See Record and Proof.)

The minting process will be split into whitelist and public sale. Each whitelisted address will have a free mint of up to 2 Puts.


The battle against evil is long so we are here for the long term.

We will have a 10% royalty fee associated with secondary sales on OpenSea. 5% of the proceeds we generate from this fee will be donated and allocated to the reconstruction of Ukraine.
Part of the remaining revenues (not allocated to Ukraine) will be dedicated to create new ideas and events for the benefit of the PUT holders.

Q3 2022

Sale Process

/Paying Bills

Q4 2022


/The Memorabilia Store
/The Journal

Q1 2023


/New Series
/Black Sea Palace Foreclosure
/Polonium Lab

Q2 2023


/Kady Pigs
/The Mockba Experience
/Put & Kady Party


The PUT FANTASY World was developed by a group of people who create mythical evil creatures:

Dr. Little Brain
Dr. Little Brain


Reluctant Advertising Agency owner and Creative Director turned into an underground cook and evil Put activist.

Mr. Peli Kan
Mr. Peli Kan


Former NY Investment Banker and reluctant Investor turned into an Iguana chaser and evil Put activist.

Lady M
Lady M


Reluctant princess and fashionista turned into media guru and evil Put activist.

Mr. Se Rious
Mr. Se Rious


Former tough guy and trader turned into tech genius and evil Put activist.

Dr. Art Pei
Dr. Art Pei

Web Developer

A former fitness nerd and sculptor turned into virtual design wizard and evil Put activist.

No Laughing Matter


The world is witnessing an unfair ruthless war that an evil tyrant launched against Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of families had to abandon their daily lives, while those who decided to stay where mercilessly slaughtered by evil forces. Behind this war there is a pack of insane mobsters thirsty for power and wealth lead by a tyrant who perpetuates himself in power.

What we do- Cryptoactivism

The Putniks Projects is a satirical way to unmask the tyrant that is behind this attack on the freedom of a country. The crypto space is giving us a unique opportunity to stop being bystanders and come heroes. It is our chance to have a voice and a vote. The battle against this autocrat is just the beginning, this project is our way of supporting the fight. Cartoons have played a part in cultural and political struggles and have enraged politicians for hundreds of years. Cartoons go right to the throat. They’re direct. They combine two powerful tools—verbal and visual.
As said by the great British cartoonist David Low, whose cartoons often mocked Hitler “No dictator is inconvenienced or even displeased by cartoons showing his terrible person stalking through blood and mud. That is the kind of idea about himself that the power-seeking world-beater would want to propagate. … What he does not want to get around is the idea that he is an ass, which is really damaging.”
This is OUR MISSION. We show the ass inside dictators. It is never business, always personal.


5% of royalties from secondary sales will be donated to support the reconstruction of impacted communities in Ukraine.

What institutions will receive the donations:

Childfund International